Leather Slippers & Soles

The earliest known Slippers were made from a wide variety of materials. Ancient Egyptian slippers were made from papyrus and palm leaves. The Masai of Africa made them out of rawhide. In India, they were made from wood. In China and Japan, rice straw was used. The leaves of the sisal plant were used to make twine for slippers in South America, while the natives of Mexico used the yucca plant. In India, a related chappal (“toe knob”) slipper was common, with no straps but a small knob sitting between the first and second toes. They are known as Padukas.

Leather Flip Flops

Flip Flops are slippers with a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap known as a toe thong. The term flip-flop has been used in American and British English since the 1960s. It is an onomatopoeia of the sound made by the slipper when walking in them.

The modern flip-flop became popular in the United States as soldiers returning from World War II brought Japanese zōri with them. During the 1960s, flip-flops became firmly associated with the beach lifestyle of California. As they became more popular, some people started wearing them for dressier or more formal occasions. Flip flops have today evolved into a variety of Leather Slippers as the popular dressy version suited for formal occasions too.

With the evolution of slippers came the evolution of soles too. Slippers being open footwear needed a more protective sole. Rubber, PVC and leather are all used for soles nowadays. Leather soles in different designs has now become popular on the leather slippers.

Treaded Leather Sole

Joining in this journey, CIZMAR Shoes is selling some popular slipper designs manufactured in fine leather featuring a pebble leather base for a better grip and an anti-slip leather sole in a tread design.

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Shoe lacing; a skill, a technique, an art!

Historically shoe laces date back to 3000 B.C. and were actually any means to hold the foot cover together – rudimentary strands of grass or natural strings. Hence traditionally laces were made of any natural material like leather, hemp and cotton.

Today dress shoe laces are made in waxed cotton. This gives a sleek, sharp and smart look to the shoe, complimenting its formal role. The lace should either be thin and round or thin and flat. Thin and round laces look very formal while flat laces give a bold look. Nylon thick laces are athletic in form and can be used only in casual shoes.

Lace length 80cm – 31.5″ works for all lace-up men’s dress shoes with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 rows of eyelets.

Featured here – CIZMAR Black Leather Brogues -Full Wingtip in broad toe laced in the Bar lacing style.

Dress Shoe Lacing Styles –

Straight Lacing or Bar Lacing – The lace forms horizontal, parallel bars straight across from one eyelet to the next. All Dress Shoes specially Oxfords should be laced in this style.

Criss-cross LacingThis style is ideal for Derby shoes and other such semi-formal shoes. It is a robust style and easy to achieve perfection in.

The two ends of the lace left for tying the knot should ideally be equal in length. Flat laces tend to turn, that should be corrected to maintain the sleek look. The knot should not appear bulky. The lace should tie in two elegant flowers and not like cat’s whiskers!

Finally lacing should be done with love and care to get your precious shoe the respect it deserves!


CIZMAR Brogues – Shoes for all occasions

#Brogues are a great way to spruce up your dress shoes whilst adding a bit of classic British culture. A few pairs of brogues in your wardrobe add character. “Every man should have at least one pair of brogue shoes and once you increase the number of shoes in your collection, probably half of your shoes or more will have some sort of broguing.” – Gentleman’s Gazette.


Wingtip Brogues Dress Shoes
Wingtip Brogues Dress Shoes In Tan Brown Leather.

This pair of CIZMAR Brogue shoes in tan brown leather can be worn with any outfit – both semi-formal & formal. They can be worn with the formal Hacking Jacket, tweeds & casual suits in lighter color, as well as the casual Harrington Jacket. You can also smarten up your Jeans and Chinos with these tan Brogues.

Brogue Black Leather
Classic Wingtip Brogue In Broad Toe In Black Leather

The CIZMAR Brogue shoes in superior quality black leather take to polish beautifully and are best for times when you want to look sharp and formal. They are smart dress shoes for white collar workers and can be worn for black tie events too. They look good with blazers, formal suits and jackets and formal trousers. They can also pair well with corduroys and jeans to look dandy in semi-formal events. 

Look at these and more at:



Saddle Oxfords – historically an American style & surprisingly designed for indoor sports!

The American shoe factory A.G. Spalding created and introduced the saddle shoe in 1906. First designed for indoor sports, the separate waist piece was reinforced and intended to bring additional support for the instep. The interesting and comfortable pairs were quickly worn by the thousands, and gained tremendous support among the youth both on and off court as well as among the older, golf-playing set.

In 1957 Elvis Presley wore saddle shoes in Jailhouse Rock.
Woody Allen is known to wear these shoes. Interesting still, Bert from Sesame Street often wore saddle oxfords and can be seen in his song and dance called Doin’ the Pigeon. The Peanuts comic strip character Lucy Van Pelt also wears saddle shoes.


Shop men’s Saddle Oxfords in smart tan pebble leather with rich mahogany brown saddle piece at:


Description: The CIZMAR Saddle Oxford Shoes are tan-brown shaded beauties. The pebble leather shoe in tan shade decorated with the distinctive, saddle-shaped panel placed mid foot in rich mahogany brown color looks spectacular. The shaded toe also balances the plain vamp.

Wear: The shoes are ideal wear for parties & weddings and can be paired with brown formal trousers. They also look nice with Jeans giving a semi-formal party or event look.

Hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you!



Style & Fit

Everybody’s feet are different in shape, size and detailing. This fact as well as the styling, construction or materials can affect the fit of different footwear.
For example, a shoe made in narrow form will fit tighter than the same size in regular form. Similarly one made from patent leather may feel tighter than the same style made from soft, suede leather. This could be due to the shape or the softness and flexibility of the material and how it moves with your foot. However, leather is a natural material and may stretch over time to adapt the shape of your foot.

Anatomy of a shoe:

  • The toe box is the front tip of the shoe that provides space for the toes. It may be rounded or pointed and will determine the amount of space provided for the toes.
  • The vamp is the upper middle part of the shoe holding the laces.
  • The sole consists of an insole and an outsole. The insole is inside the shoe, touching the foot; the outsole contacts the ground. The softer the sole, the greater the shoe’s ability to absorb shock.
  • The heel is the lower part of the rear of the shoe that provides elevation. The higher the heel, the greater the pressure on the front of the foot.
  • The last is the part of the shoe that curves in slightly near the arch of the foot to conform to the average foot shape. This curve enables you to tell the right shoe from the left.





There are various combinations in foot anatomy:

  • Regular feet: will need a regular width shoe in a regular size.
  • Lean/ regular and narrow feet: can fit well into a narrow shoe in the regular size.
  • Lean/regular and wide feet: will need a broad toe shoe or a bigger size.
  • Regular feet with broad fingers: will need either a broad toe shoe or a size bigger or in some cases both!
  • Plump and narrow feet: can fit into a narrow shoe but a bigger size.
  • Plump and regular feet: will need a regular width shoe in a bigger size.
  • Plump and wide feet: will need a broad toe shoe in a bigger size.

Shoe Styles for Foot Styles:

  • A high instep: Shoes that don’t cover the instep i.e. Loafers/ Moccasins/ Espadrilles etc. are recommended. In case of a closed shoe, a Derby or Blucher would be better.
  • A broad toe: A broad shoe with low heel would be comfortable. A broad toe Brogue, Derby or Blucher in formal wear and Boots & loafers in casual wear are recommended.
  • A high arch: A high cut shoe with a supportive last and sturdy heel is advisable. An Oxford or Brogue in formal wear and Boots in casual wear are recommended.

Most men’s shoes conform to the shape of the feet and have a roomy toe box with sufficient horizontal and vertical space and a low heel (usually about half an inch high). Soles made of hard materials such as leather or soft materials such as crepe can both be worn, but softer soles tend to be more comfortable. If you stand for extended periods of time, shoes with soft, pliable soles will protect your feet and help keep them comfortable.

Work shoes are also available with varying characteristics, depending on the wearer’s occupation. E.g. Broad toe Brogues or Boots made of thick leather.




  • You must always loosen the laces as you slip into and out of the shoes. This prevents unnecessary stress on the eyelets (small holes for the lace) and the backs of the shoes.
  • Always begin lacing shoes at the eyelets closest to your toes, and pull the laces of one set of eyelets at a time to tighten. This provides for a comfortable shoe fit.
  • When buying shoes, remember that shoes with a larger number of eyelets will make it easier to adjust laces for a custom fit.

Mark of a good fitting in a shoe:

  • Good fit; comfortably loose when worn with soft, absorbent socks.
  • Shaped like the foot; broad and spacious in the toe area.
  • Shock-absorbent sole; a low wedge type.
  • Breathable material; canvas or leather, not plastic.
  • Comfortable the moment you put them on.


Its a “fit” issue!

It is the day & age of the internet. Wherever you go, its raining online products, each page tempting you with myriad hues and designs! This melange of products beckon us to order. We place our order and on receiving, eagerly open, and, finally ‘try’! At that moment of revelation we are either pleased to have ordered just perfect or disappointed at usually – a fit issue! Oh that is upsetting! Now comes the process of Return – Refund – Reorder…Phew!

So how do we order the perfect fit in footwear online when for years we have totally relied upon trying out the size at a shop? For that we need to be clear about our size.

We have created this below given Size Chart for finding your perfect size. All you need to have is a measuring tape and a piece of paper. Once marked, you can check the measurement in cms in the chart for your correct size.

CIZMAR size chart
Know your shoe size – The CIZMAR Size Chart.

Once the length is clear, you must also understand your foot width. Goes without saying that it plays a big role in the fit of our shoe.

Euro Shoe Size Narrow (B) (inches) Medium (D) (inches) Wide (EE) (inches)
40 3 5/16 3 1/2 3 11/16
41 3 7/16 3 5/8 3 13/16
42 3 9/16 3 3/4 3 15/16
43 3 11/16 3 7/8 4 1/16
44 3 13/16 4 4 3/16
45 3 15/16 4 1/8 4 5/16

Here we need to understand that a narrow style would be a narrow width shoe in the same size. Hence people with broader feet should look at a size bigger.


Driving Shoes – not only for people behind the wheel!

It is a fact that Driving Shoe Moccasins are the most comfortable shoes to wear while driving and interestingly also while walking/ trekking/ in rough terrain etc. etc. This latter fact I discovered and understood well when my husband decided to wear these shoes (only) for an adventure trip. Aghast at this seemingly uninformed decision, I thought that he needed my good counsel and wasted no time in giving it! But he was adamant and so off we went to the beautiful north-east with its wet locales. While I was busy (secretly) pitying him, he was actually thoroughly comfortable in his shoes!

By the end of the trip I could understand why! Despite getting all wet, their looks and wear stayed the same. While the children and myself struggled in our sneakers while climbing up and down the beautiful rocky treks for seeing some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, my husband could easily do so due to the strong grip provided by the treaded sole. The shoes also sustained the incessant rainfall, whilst drying out quickly when there was some sun.

After observing this successful outing I really consider them as all wear and all weather friends!

The Treaded Sole of the Driving Shoe gives both driving and anti-slip comfort
Driving Shoe In Antique Leather
The CIZMAR Driving Shoe in Antique finish strong textured faux leather and special anti-slip & comfortable treaded sole.


“Driving Shoes are Moccasins with Rubber-pad soles. These shoes are light and comfortable to wear and derive strength and versatility from the rubber pad sole. The shoes hence give both comfort and support while driving.”



Beautiful Brogues – Conventional, Classic & Comfortable.

The CIZMAR Brogue Shoes
The Classic Brogues By CIZMAR

The Irish word brog means ‘a rough or stout shoe’.

The Merriam–Webster dictionary describes broguing (brogue: ing – noun) as an ornamentation of shoes employing heavy perforations. Therefore, any shoe, with perforations is a brogue – whether it is a Derby or Oxford shoe.

The Brogue was originally designed in Scotland and Ireland for wearing outdoors in the wet countryside. They were made with untanned animal hide and their distinctive feature was a series of perforations and serrations (broguing) on each piece of leather that was used in their construction. The purpose of these perforations was to allow water to drain from the shoes.

Slowly over time they were used by country gentlemen as a walking shoe and hence not considered appropriate for social or business occasions. However, things changed in the twentieth century when the brogue became a template for fashionable women’s footwear and the perforations or broguing were now used for decorative purposes. Famous celebrity women such as the actresses Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn incorporated it into their signature style of daring masculine fashion choices. Perceptions began to change and slowly the brogue began to be considered appropriate wear, even for men for both social and business occasions.

In Full brogues or Wingtips, the cap is shaped like a ‘W’ when seen from above. It features broguing along its edges as well as decorative broguing in the center of the toe cap, which is called Medallion.

In Longwing Brogues, the wingtips (wings) extend along the full length of the shoe and meet at a center seam at the heel.

Semi or Half brogues have a toe cap and a medallion without wings with broguing both along the cap’s edge and sides.

Quarter brogues have toe caps without medallion and wings. They have broguing only along the caps edge.

A Ghillie brogue is a Full brogue or wingtip but does not have a tongue and has long laces that wrap around the legs above the ankle and are tied below the calf.

Half brogues or quarter brogues can be worn as a dress shoe with a suit as they are not too elaborate and maintain the formality of the outfit. On other semi–formal occasions where a blazer or a sports coat will suffice, the wingtip  makes for an ideal choice maintaining just the right amount of formality and casualness. In a casual setting , the brogue can be paired with jeans, chinos, and most other casual trousers.






Loafers – in select exotic suede leather. CIZMAR Smart Casuals

It is understood that “the shoes maketh the man” or you can “tell a man by his shoes“!

Shoes can change not only the way you walk but your entire body posturing as well as state of mind.

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally. “

Christian Louboutin


Shoes make an outfit. You can throw on a crazy shirt and crazy pants but you add those shoes – done.”

Russell Westbrook

These smart Loafers are ideal as (slip-on) casual wear for the evening out or on holidays!


The subtle variations in the blue shade in the shoe upper finished with the fine stitching details give the shoes an uberstylish look and feel.

The CIZMAR Brogues

The Brogue shoe originated in Ireland, traditionally as outdoor or country walking footwear. It was made of untanned hide with perforations, allowing water to drain when walking on wet ground.

With their perforated and serrated designs, Brogues are now appropriate stylish business and evening wear too. Brogues are commonly found in one of four toe cap styles full or “wingtip”, semi-, quarter and long wing and four closure styles Oxford, Derby, Ghillie, and Monk.

  • The CIZMAR Classic Wingtip Brogues are made in top quality sturdy leather with the characteristic design of decorative holes (or “broguing”) and serration along the pieces’ edges.
Classic Wingtip Brogue Dress Shoes In Top Quality Brown Leather
Classic Wingtip Brogue Shoes
Classic Wingtip Brogue Shoes In Top Quality Black Leather









  • The CIZMAR Black Army Brogues are in the typical form of sturdy leather shoes with classic Brogue piercings and serrations. The broad toe is the discerning feature here. It adds the military rugged feel to the formal wear. The heavy TPR sole adds to the look.
Black Army Brogues In Black Leather
  • The CIZMAR Dress Shoe Brogues are in Wingtip style in a trendy tan shade in high quality leatherite.  The narrow toe makes this shoe a smart corporate and business wear favourite. The sole is anti-slip TPR and the low heel gives comfort.
Wingtip Brogue Dress Shoes In Tan Brown Leather.

In formal wear our Brogue shoes can be teamed with formal suits and jackets and with Chinos and formal trousers in dark washes. In casual wear they can also be smartly worn with slim fit jeans.