Shoe lacing; a skill, a technique, an art!

Historically shoe laces date back to 3000 B.C. and were actually any means to hold the foot cover together – rudimentary strands of grass or natural strings. Hence traditionally laces were made of any natural material like leather, hemp and cotton.

Today dress shoe laces are made in waxed cotton. This gives a sleek, sharp and smart look to the shoe, complimenting its formal role. The lace should either be thin and round or thin and flat. Thin and round laces look very formal while flat laces give a bold look. Nylon thick laces are athletic in form and can be used only in casual shoes.

Lace length 80cm – 31.5″ works for all lace-up men’s dress shoes with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 rows of eyelets.

Featured here – CIZMAR Black Leather Brogues -Full Wingtip in broad toe laced in the Bar lacing style.

Dress Shoe Lacing Styles –

Straight Lacing or Bar Lacing – The lace forms horizontal, parallel bars straight across from one eyelet to the next. All Dress Shoes specially Oxfords should be laced in this style.

Criss-cross LacingThis style is ideal for Derby shoes and other such semi-formal shoes. It is a robust style and easy to achieve perfection in.

The two ends of the lace left for tying the knot should ideally be equal in length. Flat laces tend to turn, that should be corrected to maintain the sleek look. The knot should not appear bulky. The lace should tie in two elegant flowers and not like cat’s whiskers!

Finally lacing should be done with love and care to get your precious shoe the respect it deserves!


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