CIZMAR Brogues – Shoes for all occasions

#Brogues are a great way to spruce up your dress shoes whilst adding a bit of classic British culture. A few pairs of brogues in your wardrobe add character. “Every man should have at least one pair of brogue shoes and once you increase the number of shoes in your collection, probably half of your shoes or more will have some sort of broguing.” – Gentleman’s Gazette.


Wingtip Brogues Dress Shoes
Wingtip Brogues Dress Shoes In Tan Brown Leather.

This pair of CIZMAR Brogue shoes in tan brown leather can be worn with any outfit – both semi-formal & formal. They can be worn with the formal Hacking Jacket, tweeds & casual suits in lighter color, as well as the casual Harrington Jacket. You can also smarten up your Jeans and Chinos with these tan Brogues.

Brogue Black Leather
Classic Wingtip Brogue In Broad Toe In Black Leather

The CIZMAR Brogue shoes in superior quality black leather take to polish beautifully and are best for times when you want to look sharp and formal. They are smart dress shoes for white collar workers and can be worn for black tie events too. They look good with blazers, formal suits and jackets and formal trousers. They can also pair well with corduroys and jeans to look dandy in semi-formal events. 

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