Saddle Oxfords – historically an American style & surprisingly designed for indoor sports!

The American shoe factory A.G. Spalding created and introduced the saddle shoe in 1906. First designed for indoor sports, the separate waist piece was reinforced and intended to bring additional support for the instep. The interesting and comfortable pairs were quickly worn by the thousands, and gained tremendous support among the youth both on and off court as well as among the older, golf-playing set.

In 1957 Elvis Presley wore saddle shoes in Jailhouse Rock.
Woody Allen is known to wear these shoes. Interesting still, Bert from Sesame Street often wore saddle oxfords and can be seen in his song and dance called Doin’ the Pigeon. The Peanuts comic strip character Lucy Van Pelt also wears saddle shoes.


Shop men’s Saddle Oxfords in smart tan pebble leather with rich mahogany brown saddle piece at:

Description: The CIZMAR Saddle Oxford Shoes are tan-brown shaded beauties. The pebble leather shoe in tan shade decorated with the distinctive, saddle-shaped panel placed mid foot in rich mahogany brown color looks spectacular. The shaded toe also balances the plain vamp.

Wear: The shoes are ideal wear for parties & weddings and can be paired with brown formal trousers. They also look nice with Jeans giving a semi-formal party or event look.

Hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you!




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