Its a “fit” issue!

It is the day & age of the internet. Wherever you go, its raining online products, each page tempting you with myriad hues and designs! This melange of products beckon us to order. We place our order and on receiving, eagerly open, and, finally ‘try’! At that moment of revelation we are either pleased to have ordered just perfect or disappointed at usually – a fit issue! Oh that is upsetting! Now comes the process of Return – Refund – Reorder…Phew!

So how do we order the perfect fit in footwear online when for years we have totally relied upon trying out the size at a shop? For that we need to be clear about our size.

We have created this below given Size Chart for finding your perfect size. All you need to have is a measuring tape and a piece of paper. Once marked, you can check the measurement in cms in the chart for your correct size.

CIZMAR size chart
Know your shoe size – The CIZMAR Size Chart.

Once the length is clear, you must also understand your foot width. Goes without saying that it plays a big role in the fit of our shoe.

Euro Shoe Size Narrow (B) (inches) Medium (D) (inches) Wide (EE) (inches)
40 3 5/16 3 1/2 3 11/16
41 3 7/16 3 5/8 3 13/16
42 3 9/16 3 3/4 3 15/16
43 3 11/16 3 7/8 4 1/16
44 3 13/16 4 4 3/16
45 3 15/16 4 1/8 4 5/16

Here we need to understand that a narrow style would be a narrow width shoe in the same size. Hence people with broader feet should look at a size bigger.



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