Driving Shoes – not only for people behind the wheel!

It is a fact that Driving Shoe Moccasins are the most comfortable shoes to wear while driving and interestingly also while walking/ trekking/ in rough terrain etc. etc. This latter fact I discovered and understood well when my husband decided to wear these shoes (only) for an adventure trip. Aghast at this seemingly uninformed decision, I thought that he needed my good counsel and wasted no time in giving it! But he was adamant and so off we went to the beautiful north-east with its wet locales. While I was busy (secretly) pitying him, he was actually thoroughly comfortable in his shoes!

By the end of the trip I could understand why! Despite getting all wet, their looks and wear stayed the same. While the children and myself struggled in our sneakers while climbing up and down the beautiful rocky treks for seeing some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, my husband could easily do so due to the strong grip provided by the treaded sole. The shoes also sustained the incessant rainfall, whilst drying out quickly when there was some sun.

After observing this successful outing I really consider them as all wear and all weather friends!

The Treaded Sole of the Driving Shoe gives both driving and anti-slip comfort
Driving Shoe In Antique Leather
The CIZMAR Driving Shoe in Antique finish strong textured faux leather and special anti-slip & comfortable treaded sole.


“Driving Shoes are Moccasins with Rubber-pad soles. These shoes are light and comfortable to wear and derive strength and versatility from the rubber pad sole. The shoes hence give both comfort and support while driving.”




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