Shoe Musings

Saw some beautiful jazzy gold-ish sneakers today! Was amazed! So much variety on offer in the markets today – any & every style for any & every pocket! Buying a shoe is no longer a ‘getting your dad to agree’event! No more waiting for a birthday or a family function or a wedding. Its now an obsessive check of designs available online & all around, timing the sale, happy to get the stalked shoe at an easy price and taking the plunge! This is for us – the middle class earners and for our employees – the new earners.

Driving Shoes In Antique Finish Leather


But still lagging behind, are our menial workers – our maids/ servants and their families – those that we call – ‘the under privilaged’ and those who are still struggling to buy basic needs. They are the ones who need to come up the ladder – to be able to afford new shoes for their children every 6 months and invest in comfortable sneakers for their own selves for all the walking they have to do! So after making all the latest fashions and all the fancies, I wonder, can we make some shoes for them? Can we not dedicate a place in our online & offline shops for their benefit? Lets try…

slipper with saddle and jodox copy


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