Men In Boots

So lets say it – Boots are one type of shoes that do both – make men ruggedly handsome; and women carelessly sexy!

Of course right now we are only interested in ”Men In Boots!’

Now what do we actually know about this fashion icon?

Boots Deconstructed: The precursor to Boots were separate socks, soles, and uppers worn together for better ankle protection. Around 1000 BC, these were joined to form a single unit that covered the feet and lower leg, often up to the knee. Soft leather ankle boots worn by nomads in eastern Asia were brought to China and then to India & Russia by the Mongol invaders. The natives of Alaska wore traditional winter boots of deer skin or seal skin. 17th century European boots had thick soles and turnover tops to protect soldiers on horseback. In the 1700s, distinctive, thigh-high boots worn by German soldiers led to the development of the Cowboy Boots in America – the icon of rugged masculinity in all the ‘Westerns’! Who can forget Clint Eastwood?!

True that a smart pair of Boots can work wonders in the wardrobe regardless of your height, weight or colour!

Experience admiring glances when you step out in the evening, in our Suede Chukka Boots to attend an event or a party , or just a quiet dinner! Available in a range of colours to suit your dressing style.










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