May I Help You?

A successful introduction does not necessarily get decided by our mannerisms. Research shows that the initial evaluation based largely on our physical appearance is hard to shake off! In fact research also shows that one can glean a lot of information about someone’s personality by observing his shoes! So, the modern day mantra is; invest in the appropriate footwear and the rest will follow! This is where we come in with our innate fashion sense based on years of study. We can partner you in making a fine impression and getting the upper hand. Whether a first date, an interview, a boardroom meeting or an official event, we can help you in getting off the right foot!


For the purpose, we present our select range of handcrafted shoes; formals, semi-formals, trendy, smart-casuals and casuals, all designed and manufactured under our care. Not only will these shoes create great first impressions, they would also give you amazing comfort in wear!

Cizmar Shoes

Also retailing on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal & Paytm.



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